Kotaku.com Comment Filter

Kotaku.com has a lot of insightful and interesting comments, but it also has a lot of really dumb ones. Some comments are dumb because the commenters writing them are dumb. Others are dumb because the commenters writing them are assholes. Regardless, I wrote a Greasemonkey script to fix it. The script does two things:

  1. It allows you to ignore users. Comments from ignored users will not be displayed (the most recent Kotaku layout update broke this feature; I haven’t yet gotten around to fixing it).
  2. It tries to detect dumb comments (based on spelling mistakes, wrong punctuation, and the use of certain phrases) and hide them.

First, get Firefox 3 and install Greasemonkey. Then, click here to install the Filter: kotaku_comment_filterer.user.js


How do I ignore people?

Click on the little skull icon next to the “reply” button.

It takes a long time for the script to filter the comments!

Actually, it takes a rather short time. The problem is that it takes a long time until the script can actually run. To fix this, simply cancel page loading as soon as the comments appear. The script will then filter them.

Does this work on other Gawker sites?

Dunno, I guess it might.

What if Kotaku changes its HTML?

The script will very likely break. I might keep it updated. There’s no automatic update mechanism; check back for changes.

You do realize that this whole “detecting of dumb comments” is really dumb?

Yes, I do realize that. However, there is a correlation between spelling mistakes and the use of certain phrases, and stupidity. There are many false positives, but sometimes it actually does work :-)

So detecting dumb comments doesn’t really work?

No. Not really.

I still think it’s really stupid.

Look at it as a way to encourage posters to check for spelling mistakes and use proper punctuation.

You’re censoring me!

Yes. If you don’t like it, you can use my Greasemonkey script to ignore me.