All competitors were given a free sample of ‘Omo Aktiv & Sport’, together with their starting numbers before the race, reported Hamar Arbeiderblad.

The race was interrupted several times as six cyclists had to be sent to the emergency ward of the nearby hospital after having drunk what they believed to be a sports drink. It was in fact the detergent.

Anne Gjemdal, head of information at Lilleborg, told NTB: “We thought it was obvious from the label that it is a detergent, but considering what has happened, we will re-evaluate if the labelling is good enough.The product is labelled according to strict regulations.”

I think you’ve just received your re-evaluation. Thirsty cyclists mistake soap for soft-drink - The Local
Sure enough, the package contained the minimum order that MrMouse allows: $500, split up into four fake $100s and two phony $50 bills — all with different serial numbers. I have no idea who sent the bogus bills; perhaps it was MrMouse himself, hoping I’d write a review of his offering. After all, since my story about his service was picked up by multiple media outlets, he’s changed his sales thread on several crime forums to read, “As seen on KrebsOnSecurity, Business Insider and Ars Technica…”

This week, Anita Sarkeesian had to leave her home after receiving horrific death and rape threats online. Her crime? She made a video that suggested maybe, just maybe, video games could treat women better. Game developer Tim Schafer linked to the video on his Twitter account, urging people to watch it, and in response people literally told him to go and kill himself.

Last week, indie developer Zoe Quinn had her personal life spilled over the internet in its entirety by a jilted ex-boyfriend. Now she’s being chased all over the internet and out of her house by more death and rape threats, subjected to a barrage of public condemnations of her private sex life, and being held up by angry human garbage as an example of how feminism is destroying video games. Fez developer Phil Fish had his website hacked and his entire life, his social security numbers, his financial details, everything, dumped online. His crime? Speaking up in support of Zoe Quinn.

This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened, of course. This crap just keeps going. People who proudly call themselves “gamers” everywhere have been harassing and trying to exclude women for the last ten years, citing every pathetic excuse in the book from a “feminist agenda” to “gamer culture is under attack”. It’s disgusting and it’s awful, and it doesn’t even make sense.

Thomas Watson is our inspiration, Head and soul of our splendid I.B.M. We are pledged to him in every nation, Our President and most beloved man. His wisdom has guided each division In service to all humanity We have grown and broadened with his vision, None can match him or our great company. T. J. Watson, we all honor you, You’re so big and so square and so true, We will follow and serve with you forever, All the world must know what I. B. M. can do.

—from “To Thos. J. Watson, President, I.B.M. Our Inspiration”

Sarkeesian’s videos, which are extremely well-researched and insightful, always draw a measure of harassment and abuse from the stereotypical gamers, who are typically vitriolic toward issues of diversity. This time, the video reached all the way to the likes of Joss Whedon and Tim Schafer. The amplified message earned Sarkeesian an avalanche of threats, including rape, death, and harm to her family. Sarkeesian ultimately left her home and reported the threats to the police. “I’m safe. Authorities have been notified. Staying with friends tonight,” she wrote on Twitter early Wednesday.

Enough outlets have, by now, highlighted the profound irony that one woman who dared point out some of the misogyny in video games was so deluged by misogynistic threats over how there is no misogyny in video games that she was driven into hiding. Quinn’s story lacked entirely in irony; instead it was just a good old-fashioned example of a woman’s personal life used to inflict professional damage, despite the fact that those two things are not related at all.