A 5-year-old’s birthday party took a grisly turn on Saturday after her family’s dog escaped from the yard and was shot by an armed pedestrian.

Emily Martinez recalls hearing a gunshot after her dog Clifford jumped a fence during her daughter’s party, The Denver Post reported. The family poured into the street and found a stranger, apparently walking his own dog, standing over the family pet, still brandishing a gun.

According to neighbors and guests at the party, the man who shot the dog was shouting that he was within his rights.

"I have a concealed weapon license," they recall him saying.

The animal was shot twice in the neck, and died after the family rushed him to a veterinarian.

Martinez also told the Post that the man pointed the gun at several people as they gathered around the fallen animal. In response, Martinez’s husband ran inside to get his own gun, but by the time he returned to the scene the shooter was gone.

The site threatening Watson was greeted with glee on 4chan and Reddit, where commenters explicitly stated their hope that the threats would force her to abandon her feminist campaigning. “If only her nudes got leaked and she had the load on her face. Her feminism kick would be over,” a commenter wrote. “If this is true her recent feminism rally is going to be shutdown hard,” wrote another. “Feminism,” one 4chan user opined, “is a growing cancer.”

The Fermi paradox (or Fermi’s paradox) is the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization and humanity’s lack of contact with, or evidence for, such civilizations.[1] The basic points of the argument, made by physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael H. Hart, are:

  • The Sun is a typical star, and relatively young. There are billions of stars in the galaxy that are billions of years older.
  • Almost surely, some of these stars will have Earth-like planets.[2] Assuming the Earth is typical, some of these planets may develop intelligent life.
  • Some of these civilizations may develop interstellar travel, a technology Earth is investigating even now (such as the 100 Year Starship).
  • Even at the slow pace of currently envisioned interstellar travel, the galaxy can be completely colonized in a few tens of millions of years.

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Here’s a different one: aliens don’t exist because the universe still exists.

  • If intelligent aliens exist, they are the peak predators on their planet
  • If intelligent aliens exist, they are the result of evolution by means of natural selection
  • All peak predators that are the result of evolution by means of natural selection exhibit some amount of aggression against other beings
  • All beings that exhibit aggression against other beings like weapons
  • All intelligent beings that like weapons will develop increasingly destructive weapons
  • All intelligent beings that develop increasingly destructive weapons will at some point develop a weapon capable of destroying the universe
  • All weapons that are developed are used at least once, if only in a test
  • The universe still exists
  • Therefore, aliens don’t exist.